Never showed my love when she was here.

Of her reaction I always had that fear.

Now she will no longer stay.

I never showed my love, and now she’s away.


I always wanted to look at her face.

I always wanted to be near her place.

I always had a feeling deep down inside, A feeling I always had to hide.


I did what I could to hide what I feel, To hide how my heart she can steal.

Why hide?

I was always asking.

Now it’s time for unmasking.


Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter.


Next poem in Hindi… I think Alternate Hindi… English is good idea… 💟💟


79 thoughts on “Unmasking

  1. Thanks so much bhai 😊😊😊
    Yet to become doctor
    Yet to become poet
    But I can feel the combo of them…..
    Writing prescriptions in day time & Writing poems at night…. Busy life, going to be 😂❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Itne khoobsurat comment padhker agar din ki shuruwaat ho to…. Din accha he jata hai….

      Thanks so much 😊❤
      Per hindi mera Pahla pyar hai…. Hindi maa hai…. English mausi

      Liked by 3 people

      1. हिंदी मेरे दिल में बसती,
        इंग्लिश देती रोटी,
        हिंदी मेरी माँ है तो सच इंग्लिश मेरी मौसी।

        Liked by 4 people

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