In Love With You

The tests say 98% neurotic.
The doctor says I’m just passionate.
My parents say I’m too sensitive.
Lovers say I’m too clingy.
I say I’m just  crazy.

I feel everything so deeply.
Love is so instence.
Fear is crippling.
Pain is paralyzing.
Joy is euphoria.

Maybe I’m too passionate,
Or emotional,
Or sensitive,
Or whatever.
But I know one thing,
That I’m deeply,
And euphorically,
In love with you.

And yes ….Love you Tons no Love you 3000 no.. no.. 3047.. 😆🌻



41 thoughts on “In Love With You

      1. एक पुरूष बहुत सी स्त्रियों से प्रेम करता है तबतक जबतक कोई स्त्री उसके प्रेम पर कब्जा करके बाउंडरी न खिंचवा ले🤣❤🤣

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