With You My Mother

Happiness is what I found in you.

Loveliness is in your heart, so true.

No doubt you are the best as ever.

I will love you more until forever.

When I’m down, you keep me up.

When I’m tired, you’ll tell me to stop.

Whatever my pain, you know the cure

I know your love for me is pure.

So today is made for us to treasure.

Every single tears, pain and pressure.

To celebrate the only truthful lover.

Happiness forever with you my Mother…with you my Mother.


ये हमारी “अम्मा / महतारी / मदर / आई”के  लिए लिखा था  हमने ….समझे 😀😆😆 3 बरस पहले 

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.





70 thoughts on “With You My Mother

  1. This one has my heart❤❤.You were In class 11th ..when u wrote this ..so almost 4 years .And you won prize for this…u should have mentioned it 🙂❤❤❤

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  2. This is great young man. I wish I had the skill that you do to make words come alive in the young mothers out there in a tough world. I am going to post it on my blog for all to see. You will have top billing. I knew you could do better you just needed a little nudge from your Fathers. They are proud of you tonight as I am.

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    1. Thanks so Much Ron Dada …

      In Indian culture we use term “Dada” to our elders,specially to our grandparents….with the kind of love and support you gave me …i want to call you from now …Ron Dada ❤❤❤❤

      If U allow🙂🙂🙂🙂👍

      I’m very very happy after reading your Comment…thanks so much❤❤.

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      1. I am so humbled by your comments. It left me speechless. I have received a lot of awards and letters from Presidents. I have done and been a lot of things in my life but your words, Ron Dada, I will always wear that above all other honours.

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  3. दिल को छूती आपकी कविता। शब्दों में बयान करना मुश्किल।

    बिन बोले जो दर्द समझ जाए,
    बिन मांगे खाने की थाली सामने रख दे,
    भूख समझ जाए,
    दर्द हमें हो और चीख उसके मुंह से निकले।
    ऐसा प्रेम मुझे भी मिला है। सच मैं दुनियाँ का सौभाग्यशाली इंसान हूँ।
    माँ शब्द जुबान से नही दिल से निकलता है,
    दुर्भाग्यशाली हैं वे लोग जो माँ को
    वृद्धाश्रम में रखते हैं।

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