Liebster award 5

Thanks to Subi for nominating me.. directly coming to questions 🙂

1. What is the best thing in you?

Ans – So many Things 🙂 but converting ice cubes into water is the best thing I know 🙂 Thanks to almighty.

2. According to you your best post.

Promises ( english)

For my grandparents (Hindi)

3. Would you like to donate your organs?

Ans – After death- yass yass. Before death- That’s crazy 🙂

4. The most beautiful gift you’ve ever given to your parents?

Ans- 13 may 1998 getting born.jokes apart.

I guess when I do something good , something honourable, which makes my parents smile that’s the best gift

5. Have you ever thought that there is another world beyond this world?

Yes actually after retirement I want to spend my life in is too boring and full of as whole’s .

6. Suppose you are a police officer and what will you do if a family member of yours commited a crime?

Hypothetical question. 🙂

To be honest in future as a doctor if I have to Operate any one of my family members ….my hands will shake

7. According to you, How can control corruption?

By improving Complicated tax and licensing systems, numerous government departments with opaque bureaucracy….. Political will plus public support. Together 🙂

8. What according to you is the best punishment to a Rapist?

Have you ever watched movie “Wrong turn” 🙂

9. which work ever you did that made you very happy?

This summer I filled all the water bottles and kept them in fridge. This made my mother and me very happy 🙂

10. Best Memory of Life?

Winning IOM Silver medal..followed by saving two dogs from drowning in well followed by she proposing me on the day of her medical entrance results 🙂

11. Why did you start blogging?

So it’s a long story …In School Days …my teachers use to praise me for my writing skills ,specially essay writing ,poems,satire’s…won many competition,awards…representing my school….

Then I moved to Kota …Let me tell to You it is the worst place i have ever been to…but kota is necessary Evil...i was preparing for medical entrance …but never stopped writing …written almost 450+ contents in Kota ..including satire, poems,and few love letters 🙂

The idea behind this site and blogging was to get audience ,my readers reaction,feedback …what people think about my work …it’s nice platform ..almost made 25+ new friends ..they are all awesome…also i get to read fantastic stuffs from my fellow bloggers

11 ,random thoughts about myself ::

•loves to make people laugh
•i give as good as I get
•make friends with the speed of light
•I love cows, specially my cow shyama
•loves to travel

•writing poems for my love
•i sleep very less.

•politics, newspapers ,debates ,poetry,blogs my kind of thing.
•i wanted to become An IAS officer though Neurosurgeon ,my next dream.

Here I nominate

  1. Ila
  2. Tanushri
  3. Krishna
  4. Bhai ameet
  5. Atul
  6. Rachana ma
  7. Winnie
  8. DU frnd …
  9. Kranti
  10. Queen Anjali

11 questions I would like to ask these bloggers-

  • How do you judge a person?
  • if you have to choose between Ronaldo and Messi ,who will you choose and why?
  • Best childhood memory?
  • Your fav emoji?
  • Do you support the annihilation of caste system?
  • What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you??
  • Love marriage or arrange marriage??
  • Which is your favorite marvel character?
  • Who was your craziest / most interesting teacher?
  • What according to you is the best way to tackle climate change?
  • What will you do if you were the only person left on Earth?

Thank again to nominator and creator of this award

Love and peace

Best wishes to everyone

THANK you so much for nomination Subi

Thank you libester award .


41 thoughts on “Liebster award 5

  1. Wow Nimish!!! 👏👏👏
    So happy to have discovered your blog! ❤️

    Would love to share a special message ….

    Kindly email me:
    may I please know your email add?



  2. Loved your answer and Obviously After Death Yar😄….by the way Both of your poems are really good, especially those you wrote for your grandparents🙂 and I think the gift of 13 May, 1998 is the best for them, that happiness cannot be expressed in words….and nice to know more about you 😊🙂…stay like that… Always happy.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks DU frnd 🙂 accha hai hum sabhi ek dusre ke kaam…likhawat ….gyan se jaane….naam me kya rakha hai. 🙂 what’s in the name ….

      waise Nimish mera asli naam nahi 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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