Subtle Art of Love

Contrast of Liberating the loved One and tying them with the strings of Love.


Label me as yours.

Liberate me , call me your own.

While I wish you fly wherever

your heart desires.

For have I loved you truly

if I tie the wings

of the majestic eagle’s enthusiasm

that makes who you are.


Any appropriate Title ??

title suggested by my sweet friend  motivational Diaries    

do follow her …she is kind sweet and most  human being 56370

19 thoughts on “Subtle Art of Love

    1. haha …hmmm Marraige 🙂
      marriage , relationship , attachments …all boring 😀

      Hey Pal what happened to ur comment section is nt visible 🙂


      1. Hahah I guess its the youth in you that’s speaking. Unfortunately our so called generation breaks up over a text, cheats on relationship, fails to love the faults in our partner.

        From your words it just sounded like a marriage to me. Taking the surname and starting a life together.

        I don’t know man my comment section is unfortunately working. I don’t know why. I checked the settings but still no use. Any suggestions??

        Liked by 1 person

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