I am eager to love you ,

than I am about

you loving me in return.

It keeps my heart safe.

It is also a havoc to my survival.

But ..gosh! it is so fulfilling to love you insanely.


If I had not fallen in love with you, I would have never known what fulfillment is all about…❤ 




17 thoughts on “Fulfillment

      1. I live in Chicago. it is a Windy City. People are so interesting here. They come to the hospital via ambulance if they have cough or cold. but, they come to the hospital driving a car if they get injury with the bullet.


      2. Haha …. that’s funny thing Pal ..in asian countries people go to hospitals only when they are about to die 😂😇

        Guns …very common in USA not a good thing … They should make tough rules regarding gun purchase and it’s use . ☺

        It’s good thing folks going to doctor … having routine checkups …in my medical college and in indian belt’s I have observed that people are not conscious about their healthcare … ignorant😢…

        they go to hospitals when they reach 3 rd stage cancer …start Yoga and exercise when detected with diabetes …😭😭😇

        Well said prevention is better than cure

        ❤Gd nt friend …. Brooklyn Queens was movie dialogue I’m from India Mumbai

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      3. You and ameet are bad boys telling the little child that you guys belongs to Brooklyn Queens. It is a joke too so don’t take it seriously, boys. You are a medical student. In case you decide to come to USA, I will be your attending and will make sure give you a grade F in the clinical. Hahahaha


      4. Hahaha ok boss … I’m eager to get F grade …. I need to crack USMLE for that…. Let’s see ✨😃✌

        I understand your humor …so nice u r jolly Doctor. ❤✨😄


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