Live all your dreams

If I had to lose my mind unceasingly ,

I would choose to do so.

Yes , I fall in love with you more

n more each day.

And why would I wish you to feel ,

I am your dream ??

If I have loved you truly !!

wouldn’t I yearn instead ,

” you live all your dreams..”

you live all your dreams…


Happy Propose Day ❤✨ also I wish… u learn to play Bass guitar…🙈😂😘

15 thoughts on “Live all your dreams

    1. Haha अधिकतर गाने Acoustic guitar aur bass guitar दोनों के saath bajaya jaa sakta ….

      Acoustic हमें आता …bass guitarist की कमी है 🐒🙈 😂😂

      Bohot shukriya da पढ़ने के लिए 😊😘❤🌻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. हा हा 😂🙈🐒

        वीणा , बासुंरी वाली भी चलेगी …बस कन्या होनी चाहिए 🙈🙈


      2. आला वाली तो होगी ही …दूसरी प्रतिभा भी हो तो 😃😍 … मामला सेट हैं🙈🙈


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