I still smile the same smile ,

Yes , the one which dawned on me

When I fell in love with you .

Its just that the love isn’t the same any more.

Its just that it is much…much more.

Its just that the ache of your absence doesn’t diminish that smile,

It just that it makes me perceive I love to love you more..:) ❤







41 thoughts on “Smile

      1. Ohho no problem Boss😇❤🙏
        I’m using Doctor in my name since 1567 BC … much much before cracking entrance😂😂

        My cousin in final year …due to corona shit she is also yet to get her Degree …I can feel doctor …😃

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OOoo child things are gonna get easier ☺
        Oooo child things are gonna get brighter ☺

        Goddess Laxmi is meaning of your name mentioned in Vishnu Puran 🕉 ❤😊💫

        Thanks friend you are amazing

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  1. Omg. The words are just so…absorbable. And the anime picture totally goes with it. The mood is so perfect. Good job again, Nimish! You just are so good at transporting us into your point of view, or your characters’ points of views, with these poems. :)) SO glad I read this.

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