Each and every day !!

There is a very special light, I see it in your eyes. Even the cold darkness of the night seemed to be paralyzed. . You look at me and say "I love you" so sweet and I see it's not a lie. I say back "I love you, too," and it almost makes me cry! [...]


Love me like you do

You're my bright light at night , When I'm alone you're my moon . You're blue to my Sea , And yellow to my Stars . You're my secret garden , My paradise away from the rest of the world. When you hold me I'm yours , When you look at me, I'm yours , [...]


I saw a girl once and she just gave me a smile but that was enough. I was having a very bad day and I felt like crying. I was coming back from my coaching classes and that's when I saw her. She was completely normal, there was nothing really special about her. Not the hair, clothes [...]


Promises we have made, Kept, we have none, Why do we have to make, Promises anymore? Remember those magical days, When the promise of togetherness, Held us together, tentatively, Alas! No more! Years just flow by, As water beneath bridges, Gathering speed towards, The great sea of immortality. There you and I, Will rest our [...]


Not long ago, in a charming dream, I saw myself - a king with crown's treasure I was in love with you, it seemed, And heart was beating with a pleasure. There we were dancing wishing it would last forever , And I sang my passion's song by your enchanting knees. Why, dreams, you didn't [...]