Eternity With You (English/हिंदी)

You came into my life like a spring season , And filled my heart with joy and jouissance . You took my pangs as if it was yours , And gave me love that no one could . You were my strength when I felt despondent , With your smile, you made my living on [...]


My Most Special One

You're one in a billions, My most special one. Your radiant smile is as bright as the sun. . You're smart and caring , have many great charms , And my heart really sings when you're wrapped in my arms. . I'm happy you chose me from all of the rest , And I'm proud [...]


Life is a Mirror, Will reflect back to the thinker, What he thinks into it. Choices he made, Reflectes in his results. Good choices,Good results. Not so good choices,Not so good results. His life is reflection of his own thoughts, His manners,values and upbringing,all are reflection of his parents, He is a reflection of what,he [...]