Each Pearl a Tear

How can I let go of the pearls of pain ? It is just another string strung with glistening pearls...or are they pearly tear drops ? A string of agony that adorns me , attracts me , How can I let go of it? It keeps me attached to you . ---Nimish 


Promises we have made, Kept, we have none, Why do we have to make, Promises anymore? Remember those magical days, When the promise of togetherness, Held us together, tentatively, Alas! No more! Years just flow by, As water beneath bridges, Gathering speed towards, The great sea of immortality. There you and I, Will rest our [...]


The longer I live and the more I see Of the struggle of souls towards the heights above, The stronger this truth comes home to me That the Universe rests on the shoulders of love, A love so limitless, deep, and broad, That men have re-named it, and called it God. . And nothing that [...]