Don’t Kill Innocent Animals, plzz ☹️

Today, millions of innocent animals are going to be slaughtered and bled to a slow, painful death- all in the name of religion. No God would ever want to take a life in order to appease him. Celebrate but have a #BloodlessEid If you kill an innocent soul, it is as though you have killed [...]


My Dear Brother

When tears were rolling down my cheeks, you were there to give me your warm hug. When I was devastated, You were there to comfort me. When I needed someone to talk to, You were there to be my listening ear. When I was being bullied, You were there to save me. When I hit [...]

दुनिया ‘कुछ’ अजीब सी

हा हा , दुनिया कितनी अजीब सी है , दोस्त..... किसी की मुट्ठी खाली ,तो किसी को रखने की जगह कम है , कोई हिमालय सा शांत-अडिग ,तो कोई आग-बबूला दिनकर सा है । कोई धर्म का ज्ञाता यहाँ ,तो कोई नास्तिक बन मद-मस्त फिरे , कोई प्रेम में ' बुद्ध ' यहाँ ,तो कोई [...]


Their voice so harmonious, Silent when no strings attached, Smooth is their texture, Admiring their beauty with fingers, You seat them on your lap, Putting their arms around your shoulder. Tickle them hard to make them peck, They touch your heart with their sound, Nibbling your ears in between, The motion generates friction, Friction generates [...]

Women’s day

To all the women I’ve loved or let down, learnt from or worked with, competed or debated against, won from or been defeated by, befriended or been estranged from: remember... You’re just better. At everything. Believe it. Four women's who changed my life,helped me reach my goals ... And whatever I have achieved it's because [...]

ये घोड़े पर बैठा दुल्हा गधा है

ये घोड़े पर बैठा दुल्हा गधा है, दहेज़ न लेने की एक विचित्र कथा है; किया था नालायक पर , लाखों ही ख़र्चे, सोचा था, वसुलेगे एक दिन "लड़की" के घर से; बाराती-घराती सभी थे अचंभित, मदरसे से पढ़ा है,या गुरुकुल में शिक्षित; पिता जी का चहेरा उतरा हुआ था, दूल्हा गधा है ये "चर्चित" [...]