Quote Me Challenge

Hello Guys, I want to tell you that I am very excited for my first quote me challenge, for which Miss Subi has nominated me. She is a nice Blogger ...very kind and always laughing n smiling.... cheerful check her blog, you will definitely like it. 🙂 Link to her blog is here – Subi chouhary Thank [...]


Don’t Kill Innocent Animals, plzz ☹️

Today, millions of innocent animals are going to be slaughtered and bled to a slow, painful death- all in the name of religion. No God would ever want to take a life in order to appease him. Celebrate but have a #BloodlessEid If you kill an innocent soul, it is as though you have killed [...]


Their voice so harmonious, Silent when no strings attached, Smooth is their texture, Admiring their beauty with fingers, You seat them on your lap, Putting their arms around your shoulder. Tickle them hard to make them peck, They touch your heart with their sound, Nibbling your ears in between, The motion generates friction, Friction generates [...]

दो दिमाग (हास्य कविता)

काश होते दो दो दिमाग, एक से करता काम!! एक से करता इश्क़ प्यार इकरार!! दोनों रहते फुरसत में , नहीं कूदते एक दूसरे के मसले में; "वो" बोल उठी ये सुनकर, "दिल से होता इश्क़ प्यार तो फिर क्यों मांग रहे बुद्धि तुम" झटृ से बोल गए हम!! "जी दिल से किया इश्क़ बहुत [...]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Today I found a platform where I can express my thoughts,views,my poetry and many other works and aspects of life platform which is very special in itself ,and people like me who loves to write about poems ,life,thoughts,social issues, common human needs ,upliftment of unprivilged and demerits of society and many [...]